November 15, 2010


Album. Tee Pee 2009
"Wyllt" is the debut album from this American act fronted by bassist/vocalist Sera Timms and produced by one time bassist of Kyuss and The Obsessed, Scott Reeder. We're talking post rock here I guess, but before you start yawning and complaining about yet another band trying to be Pelican, here me out for a minute. Sure, the resemblance is there, but Sera's vocals add another layer to the outcome. She sounds like a mix between Jarboe, Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins, Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance, and throw in a bit of Nico as well. If these four ladies could have a child, maybe they can, I’m no scientist, her name would be Sera Timms.
The music then? I mentioned Pelican, maybe a bit hastily, on the other hand I was only trying to figure out what you were thinking. Black Math Horseman is a lot doomier and mellower than said band, sometimes too mellow though. Towards the end of the rather short album, just when I'm starting to think; "oh come on, do something", they do something. In the middle of the eleven minute closing track "Bird Of All Faiths And None\Bell From Madrone" it sounds as if the roof fell in and the band reach a potential I wish to hear more off. Hopefully on the next album.
And to the gear heads out there; yes, guitarist Ian Barry is the same Ian Barry as the custom motorcycle builder. Now you know.

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