November 26, 2010


Even more bands has been confirmed for the Roadburn Afterburner event. That is, the day after the festival, or the fourth day, as it now seems to be almost as big as any of the other three festival days. Sourvein, Coffins and Samsara Blues Experiment are all booked for the fest.

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Featuring former members of 13 and Buzzov*en in their ranks, Sourvein offers low-tuned, balls out, southern sludge metal. Word on the streets is that they have been slaying audiences across the US for the last couple of years with their heavy-as-fuck assault.

Influenced by old school 80s and 90s doom and  thrash, Japan’s Coffins death metal onslaught also shows some heavy and oppressive sludge metal tendencies keeping them somewhere near the doom category, despite the band’s occasional upbeat parts or outbursts of speed. Since 1996, Coffins has put out crushing release after release culminating into 2008's Buried Death, a punishing masterpiece of death doom (think Come my Fanatics-era  Electric Wizard  playing death metal, and you get Coffins).

Roadburn is very pleased to announce that Samsara Blues Experiment will be part of the 2011 Afterburner lineup. Originally scheduled to play this years Roadburn Festival in April, guitarist Christian Peters was rushed to the hospital only seconds before the band got on stage. The remaining band members ended up jamming with David Eering from The Machine.

Utilizing both heavy riffage and psychedelic blues-jamming, Samsara Blues Experiment offer 21th Century Krautrock that will appeal to doom and stoner fans alike. The band caused quite a stir with their debut full-length Long Distance Trip, and we’re very happy that these spaced out cosmonauts will be part of Roadburn Festival 2011.

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