December 11, 2010


The Southern Lord label has offered us some great vinyl releases this year, and there's no sign of slowing down during 2011. Lord of the label, Greg Anderson posted a blog entry summing up 2010 and giving us some teasers on what's to come. And yes, it includes an update on the Burning Witch box set we've been longing for for quite some time now. Here's the post in its entirety:

As the year comes winding (crashing) down I recently was reflecting on the amazing amount of incredible vinyl releases we had this year.
First off is the list of the releases that were included in the 2010 Southern Lord Vinyl Subscription Series (subscriptions are still available for sale but act fast as we don't have many!)

1. Black Cobra-”Chronomega” LP
2. Ascend-”Ample Fire Within 2xLP
3. Pelican- What We All Come To Need” 2xlp
4. Trap Them-”Filth Rathions” LP
5. Twilight-Monument To Time End” 2x LP
6. Yob-”The Great Cessation” 2xLP

and these were also released in 2010 on Southern Lord:

7. Boris - Absolutego 2xLP
8. Boris - Amplifier Worship 2xLp
9. BXI - S/T LP
10. Black Breath - Heavy Breathing LP
11. Goatsnake - Flower of Disease LP
12. Goatsnake - 1+Dog Days 2xLP
13. Corrosion of Conformity - Your Tomorrow 7"
14. Righteous Fool - 7"
15. Earth - A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra Capsular Extractions 2xLP
16. Nails - Unsilent Death LP
17. the Secret - Solve Et Coagula LP
18. Thou - Summit LP
19. Lebanon - Overdose/Overload 7"

19 different vinyl releases!!!! Holy fuck that's a lot! hahahahahhah. The majority of these vinyls are still available within the Southern Lord store. The Boris lps (Absolutego & Amplifier Worship), and Righteous Fool 7" are sold out. Yob and Pelican lps are now ONLY available via the Southern Lord vinyl subscription series.

While on the subject and within this space I wanted to spread some info about upcoming releases and post info on the “infamous” Burning Witch- Box set that has sparked alot of heated interest via the net!

the following are forthcoming vinyl releases we're excited to announce:

- sunn 0))) - Agharhi 09-10. This is a live sunn 0))) album and is ONLY available via the Southern Lord Vinyl subscription series or at sunn 0)))'s Roadburn performance April 15th 2011, @103 in Tilburg, Holland. More info about this release is on the previous blog posting!

- Baptists - 7". Absolutely raging, chaotic, punishing hardcore from Vancouver, Canada. This is the band first release and we guarantee it will completely flatten you. FFO: Cursed, Converge etc..

- Earth - Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1 2xLP w/ etching on 4th side. The brand new studio album from Earth. Haunting, beautiful and epic!

- Weedeater - Jason The Dragon LP. Brand new studio album from the filthiest, sludgiest mongers to ever crawl out of the South. Done with Albini again!

- Winter - Into Darkness LP. Deluxe reissue of this essential classic slab of crust-ridden doom! Will feature many unseen photos, flyers etc..

- Early Graves - Goner LP. Exclusive vinyl release of this raging album. Singer Makh Daniels was taken from us too early. This release is a memorial to him.

- Misantropic - Insomnia LP. Raging crust-metal from Sweden. TOTAL Sacrilege-UK Behind the Realms of Madness worship!

Finally…here is the deal with the Buring Witch - Rift Canyon Dreams/Towers 4xLP box set. We got test pressings for this back around February 2009. They sound incredible and have been approved by all parties! Unfortunately due to the very elaborate packaging that this release has the overall price is extremely high! We’ve been having a very difficult time finding the money and time to dedicate to seeing this project through. We would very much like to see this finally come out but at the moment we really cant positively say when that will be! Bottom line is that the release has not been “canceled” but it is on hold at the moment.

In closing, …Thanks for your support. Without we are nothing. LONG LIVE VINYL!

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