January 25, 2011


Yeah I know, it's been kind of slow over here at Top Five Records. I've been moving to a new apartment, and those things apparently takes some time. Anyway, here we go.

Ufomammut's 2010 album "Eve" was voted 'album of the year' by Roadburn.com visitors, and now they are booked to play said album in its entirely at this years festival. Why "Eve" wasn't mentioned on my 'Best of 2010' list? I have no excuse.

Ufomammut commented on Roadburn.com:

"Since our “Eve” album was voted best of 2010 by Roadburn readers, playing it at the upcoming festival will have a very special meaning for Ufomammut! It’ll be our chance to properly say thanks to all the people who have supported us throughout the years. See You in April!"

Sunn O))) has chosen two more acts to their curated event at Roadburn 2011. First up is Keiji Haino. Stephen O'Malley commented on Roadburn.com:

“We are nearly beyond words regarding the honour and pleasure of Mr. Haino accepting our invitation to perform at SUNN O)))s curated Roadburn.

One of our heroes, teachers and certainly masters will appear. We have been following Mr. Haino’s music and witnessing his incredible energy for many years now. The impression that this energies have made and can reflect upon us are undeniable.

It’s forming an super-real evening! Carlson, Br√∂tzmann, Haino! High philosophers of the six strings”.

Next up is Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter. I'm really looking forward to seeing here perform. Such a voice! Stephen O'Malley commented on Roadburn.com:

“We are pleased to announce that our great friends in the Sweet Hereafter will be joining at Roadburn next April. Jesse Sykes is one of the most beautiful chanteuses of recent times, and our collaborations have been most interesting, beautiful and arcane in their essence. Full respect!

Also of note: The magister of Seattle: William Herzog operates as bassist in this outfit and must get honourable mention. Bill has played with O))) many times in the past years as well, including on SUNN O)))s first “comeback” show at SXSW in 2003!

Sweet Hereafter guitarist and co-leader Phil Wandscher is one of my favourite guitar players as well… and a close comrade, especially in all things ALTAR related. Another officer in the guitarist army of our curated day!”

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