February 4, 2011


Rise Above presents some excellent news. On April 11 they will reissue two very sought after releases with Japan's Church of Misery; their first two albums. They will be released both on CD and limited edition vinyl.

Debut album, "Master of Brutality" was originally released by Southern Lord in 2001. This reissue comes re-mastered, re-packaged and including bonus tracks.

The second album, "The Second Coming" was originally released in 2004, and this one also comes re-mastered, re-packaged and with a bonus track.

Church of Misery will also head out for a full European tour to coincide with these releases. More details about this later on.

Full track listings for the two albums looks like this:

"Master of Brutality (RISECD/LP134)"
1. Killfornia (Ed Kemper)
2. Ripping Into Pieces (Peter Sutcliffe)
3. Meglomania (Hurbert Mullin)
4. Green River
5. Cities on Flame
6. Master of Brutality (John Wayne Gacy)
Bonus Tracks
7. Boston Strangler (Albert De Salvo)
8. Candy Man (Dean Coroll)
9. Lucifer Rising (Live)

"The Second Coming" (RISECD/LP135)
1. I, Motherfucker (Ted Bundy)
2. Soul Discharge (Mark Essex)
3. Red Ripper Blues (Andrei Chikatilo)
4. Filth Bitch Boogie (Aileen Wuornos)
5. One Way Or Another (Cactus cover)
6. Candy Man (Dean Coroll)
7. El Topo
Bonus Track
8. For Madmen Only (May Blitz cover)

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