March 24, 2011


Tom Sutton (that's Tom second from left), formerly a member of Church of Misery has posted some new music online under the name The Order of Israfel. As for now, it's a solo project, but the plan is to make it a proper band in the future. There's two demo tracks on Youtube, and they're, well, they're really good. Have a listen below. And here's what Tom has to say about the recordings:

"This is a demo I made on my computer. I play everything, and the drums are a drum machine. The intro has been shortened for time, but it's from the Omen III. I'm planning to move to Europe (Finland or Sweden perhaps), and will join or start a new band once I get there. It's me singing on this, but I'm not intending to sing in any bands proper. I've given the recordings the name 'The Order Of Israfel', Israfel being the angel of music, but we'll see what the band name becomes once it's really started.

The main influences are Cathedral, Candlemass/Krux, Reverend Bizarre, Place Of Skulls, Dio-era Sabbath, with a bit of Metallica or Entombed riffage.

Doom or Doom not. There is no try."

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