April 28, 2011


While we're on the subject. Here's a review I wrote after Pierced Arrows' last Stockholm visit. On September 11 2009 to be exact. Complete with a couple of crappy mobile phone pictures. Can't wait to see them again in May.

Pierced Arrows – Debaser Slussen, Stockholm, Sweden September 11 2009

Opening act Masshysteri is a tight jeaned Swedish punk band, and they can count to 1-2-3-4 as well. Cool stuff if you’re up for it. But now on to why we’re here, Dead… I mean, Pierced Arrows. Not much have changed since the days of Dead Moon. Married couple Fred and Toody Cole is still here, with drummer Kelly Halliburton (Severed Head of State, Defiance) in between, forming a splendid garage punk sandwich.

I met Fred and Toody when they came out from toilet, and minutes later they rocked my ass off. The very same ass that lead me into the toilet in the first place.  Debaser Slussen is really the place where fanboy fantasies come true. Not that I dream of meeting rock stars in the toilet all day long. Although I can think of a couple…  Anyway, I digress.  I guess a lot of people came to see and hear Dead Moon, wishing for a greatest hits set or something. But that’s not why we or Pierced Arrows are here. Debut album “Straight to the Heart”, released on the bands Tombstone label can really stand on its own.  To be honest though, of course I shine up a little when they play “It’s Ok” towards the end.

Pierced Arrows deliver an excellent set, garage punk at its purest. The chemistry on stage is almost overwhelming. When I see Fred’s smile every time he looks over at his wife, I suddenly understand where all those great songs come from. And there’s more to come, the band are working on a new album with working title "Descending Shadows". Hopefully they’ll be back soon.

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