September 30, 2011


Damn, I can hardly keep up with all the greatness the Roadburn crew keep firing away at us. Three new bands confirmed; the awesome Fleshpress have been booked for the Afterburner. Germany's Necros Christos and UK's Necro Deathmort will play at the "regular" festival.

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Indomitable sludge / doom behemoths Fleshpress will be playing a one-off  show at Roadburn 2012's Afterburner, set to be held on Sunday, April 15th at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland. Combining massive riffs, searing vocals and tense atmospheric interludes, Finland’s Fleshpress is a  must-see for the misanthropically inclined.

Fitting for a band named after a song on a Grief record, Fleshpress make malevolent, crushing music punctuated by snarling screams of pure hatred. Interspersing noise-riddled, forbidding ambience between bouts of neck-snapping riff assaults, they provide no solace for the timid  and spasms of delirium for fans of filthy sludge and doom. We look forward to seeing the smoking crater they leave behind…

Necros Christos will be bringing their atmospheric doom / death metal to the Roadburn Festival on Saturday, April 14th, 2012.

Germany’s Necros Christos invoke ancient necromantic death metal rites thick with foreboding and sinister purpose. The band has built a rabid cult following in their 10 years of existence due to their unique blend of catchy old-school, mid-tempo death metal riffs, doomy textures and acoustic interludes.

Combining poisonous and massive riffs, dirty beats and crushing low end with huge banks of distorted synths, a touch of psychedelia, plus experimental, ambient soundscapes, UK’s Necro Deathmort has equal passion for electronic and extreme music. This London based duo have released two striking albums offering a new soundtrack to your nightmares, This Beat Is Necrotronic and Music of Bleak Origin — both are disturbing and soothing in equal measure.

If the names of Neurosis, Ulver, Atilla Csihar or Lustmord mean anything to you, then Necro Deathmort deserves to be on your radar as well, as their mix of the subtle and the extreme, the sublime and the physically repellent is just as remarkable as their peers. Necro Deathmort will perform on Saturday, April 14th.

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