October 20, 2010


A trio of bands all hailing from the TeePee label have been booked for the 2011 Roadburn festival. Actually I wouldn't have to tell you which bands, I mean, has that label released anything bad? But yeah, we're talking about The Atomic Bitchwax, Quest For Fire and Naam. The following texts are from Roadburn.com.

The Atomic Bitchwax‘s heavenly songwriting seems fueled by the grace of God (or at least a case of beer and a few spliffs). Since the mid  90's, the band (now consisting of Chris Koznik, Bob Pantella and Finn Ryan) have continued onward and upward in their journey to produce top  notch high-octane riff rock, outstanding album after outstanding  album.

The band’s latest record, TAB 4 (TeePee Records), is laced with great guitar  harmonies and catchy vocals, all underpinned by the Bitchwax‘s ability  to pen excellent and catchy tunes. They augment their hook-laden  songwriting by throwing down ridiculous riffage on stage, earning them a reputation for delivering rip-roaring live shows.

Toronto’s Quest For Fire are on TeePee Records (instant cred) and play a dirty, full-blown fuzzed-out mix of classic rock and amphetamine-fueled garage-acid-psychedelica, conjuring up images of Kenneth Anger’s Scorpio Rising as well as molten lava. Quest for Fire  are definitely one of the best new bands to appear on the heavy psych rock scene, as showcased on much acclaimed albums like their self-titled full-length and Lights from Paradise.
Hallucinogenic explorers Naam play a grim electric blues that recalls a more spacey Black Sabbath. However, the band is not afraid to explore different territories. Naam‘s self-titled debut full-length (out on Tee Pee Records) unlocks a mind altering reality, by giving way to doom, sludge and unpredictable psychedelic brain funk. Naam even briefly visits black metal blast beats for the album closer Black Ice. Naam has a dark and vibrating space oddity about them to befuddle ground control, and are definitely one of the best new bands to appear on the heavy psych rock scene, together with labelmates Quest for Fire.

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