November 5, 2010


The line-up for the 2011 Roadburn Festival is almost too good. I mean, we already have Sunn O))), Swans, Godflesh, Ghost, Pentagram and, well, many more. And now, Buzzov*en and Weedeater join in on the fun. Have in mind also that Sunn O))) who are curators on one of the days haven't even released any bands yet. This will really be a weekend to remember. The following texts are from

Formed in 1989 when heavy riffs  primarily meant grunge, Buzzov*en brought a particularly virulent  malice and filth to their music that often manifested itself in extreme violence at their live shows. Not surprisingly, given their  level of intensity and their heavy touring schedule, their lineup was  quite volatile and changed frequently. Now remaining original member Kirk Fisher (guitar/vox) has reformed the band’s “…At A Loss” lineup  with Dixie Dave (Weedeater) on bass, Sleepy Floyd (Sourvein) on guitar  and Ramzi (Sourvein) on drums.

In the 12 years Buzzov*en was together, they released 3 LP’s (“To A  Frown”, “Sore”, “…At A Loss”) and 5 EP’s along with their legendary “Buttrash” demo tape and the bootlegged but not officially released
“Revelation: Sick Again” which was supposed to come out on Hydra Head Records. The influence of the band far exceeds their recorded output  though, as they and Eyehategod are the forefathers of sludge / stoner
and their frequent tours spread the sludge gospel far and wide, while spawning countless offspring wherever they roamed.

We feel extremely lucky to be able to bring Buzzov*en to the Roadburn Festival to give everyone a chance to experience their vitriolic riffs and rage filled performance.

Giving truth to the adage that the south will get high again, Weedeater bring their rip-snortin’ Sabbath influenced sludge-doom straight to your noggin like a huge bong hit with a whiskey chaser. Plying their southern pride saturated, riffgasms for the last 13 years, the band is a force to be reckoned with, whether simply proselytizing about weed, or more frequently, making social commentary on the brutishness of life.

Shorn of his big toe, but not his will to rock, frontman / bassist Dixie Dave will lead the power trio on an assault of Roadburn’s stage that is sure to be one of the can’t miss performances of the festival. Their new release “Jason…The Dragon” is scheduled to be released by Southern Lord late in 2010.


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