November 2, 2010

GHOST Live at Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden, Oct 31 2010

Ghost, the most talked about band of 2010, held their first sermon on Swedish soil a couple of nights ago, and expectations were high to say the least. So, did they live up to all the fuzz? Uhm, yes! Not that I for a minute thought otherwise. Their debut album, "Opus Eponymous" is one of the best this year, and this concert was definitely the best I've seen so far in 2010. Ghost played first out of four bands; Deströyer666, Repugnant and Watain. Three big bands, and damn good ones as well, but it was Ghost that most people talked about afterwards.

The nameless singer sounded really good live. Actually just as good as on the album, which is rare. The music was a bit more raw than on "Opus Eponymous", it sounded more like the demo recordings, I think. Nothing wrong with this though, but I like the clean sound on the album a bit more. The concert ended the only way a Ghost sermon could end; with the pope clad vocalist giving out Holy communion to the audience.

I'm counting the days to next years Roadburn festival when I will get to see Ghost live once again.

Text by Mattias Andersson
(Sorry, no pictures, didn't have a camera with me. Check this post to see a couple of live clips from the Hammer of Doom festival)

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