October 30, 2010


The good folks over at Roadburn gives us an update regarding the Afterburner event. That is, the day after the regular festival. They have invited Black Mountain to headline, but it's not 100% yet. However, rumoured bands Blood Farmers and Black Pyramid will definitely play, and they're also talking to Coffins about making an appearance.

New for next year is that they will use the main stage also for the Afterburner, as well as the Bat Cave and Green Room of course. Also, looks like there will be a 4-day pass available, which includes the Afterburner. Previous years this had to be bought separately.

Soon we will also receive news on which bands Sunn O))) has booked for their curated day. Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson are currently talking to the artists they have chosen for the event.

October 28, 2010


Scotland's finest, Mogwai will release their next album, "Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will" next year. It will be out on February 14 in Europe via Rock Action Records, and on the 15th in the US via Sub Pop.

The band has also a big tour planned for next year, starting out in January and keeps on going until the end of May. And yes, they're coming to Sweden, both Göteborg and Stockholm are treated to early April dates. Check out the following link for a complete listing: http://www.mogwai.co.uk/News/News_2010/2011_Tour/

October 25, 2010


Electric Wizard has posted two new tracks online from their forthcoming album. The tracks are "Black Mass" and "Scorpio Curse". The new album, "Black Masses" will be out on November 1 via Rise Above.

You can listen to the tracks at the band's Myspace page.


Two live clips from the Swedish band Ghost have been posted online. These are from the band's "first sermon" at the Hammer of Doom 4 Festival in Germany on October 23. The tracks are "Ritual" and "Death Knell". Can't wait to see Ghost live this weekend when they open for Watain in Stockholm.

October 24, 2010


Sound Pollution, Sweden Rock Magazine and Rise Above Records invites you to a sneak preview/releaseparty for the much anticipated debut album, "Opus Eponymous" by Swedish band Ghost. The event takes place in the basement of Bröderna Olssons this Monday (Oct 25) at 19.00. Promises of free beer and black magic have been made.


Sure, I was hoping earlier for Godflesh to be announced for next year's Roadburn festival, but then kind of forgot all about it. So this really took be my by surprise; Godflesh will perform their debut album, "Streetcleaner" in its entirety at the 2011 fest!

The Roadburn crew has also announced that tickets will go on sale November 27, at the cost of 155 Euro.

The following text is from Roadburn.com

Roadburn is elated to announce that Birmingham’s seminal post-punk / industrial behemoths, Godflesh, will perform their seminal debut full-length album, 1989’s Streetcleaner, in its entirety at the 2011 Roadburn Festival, Thursday, April 14th at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland. Not only will founding members Justin Broadrick and Benny Green play Streetcleaner in full and in track order, they will be playing the Tiny Tears EP, which was conceived as part of the overall Street Cleaner vision, in full as well.

Roadburn Festival regards Godflesh as one of the biggest influences on the burgeoning doom, sludge and drone scenes, alongside their Birmingham forebears Black Sabbath and New York’s unyielding instigators of aural punishment, Swans. The artistic resonance of Godflesh‘ Streetcleaner can be heard and felt throughout the entire festival and in many of the bands invited to perform. Its ability to create an all-encompassing yet devastatingly claustrophobic vision from minimalist means, it treated guitar textures that would later be siphoned off into Justin and Benny’s respective drone projects, Final and Vitriol, and its willingness to meet the abyss head-on are all elements whose fumes have pervaded Roadburn over many years.

It is a massive understatement to say that we’re beyond thrilled about having Godflesh headlining the Thursday Roadburn date with such a highly anticipated performance. We are still pinching ourselves that the fever dream of having such a coup for Roadburn has become a reality – it’s an absolute honour for us, and a testament to a band whose  impact influence has spread so far, wide and deep.