August 17, 2011


From the foreword:
"We thought we’d do something special with our Roadburn Festival report this year, so here you have it. This is basically me (Mattias), re-living my youth of a fanzine maker; Nitad only came out with two issues in the mid 90’s (the first one can actually still be bought at but at least I got a mention in Ekeroth’s Swedish Death Metal book. This zine will be an annual thing though. We are by no mean journalists, we just love music and the Roadburn Festival (which we are not in any way affiliated with by the way). And of course this “zine” is free so you’ve got nothing to lose, except maybe 10 minutes or so of your life.

To keep up with what all you pretentious record collecting assholes love (myself included), it’s of course hand numbered, and the fancy goat on the front is hand coloured."

So there you have it. Get your free copy by dropping a mail to info[at]topfiverecords[dot]se
The zine is limited to 500 copies, but we will save some copies to hand out at the 2012 festival.

Like I said, the zine is free of charge, but if you should feel that you want to donate some postage money (a Euro, a GBP or a couple of USD), feel free to do so via Paypal, to paypal[at]topfiverecords[dot]se