September 15, 2011


Ideologic Organ, the label run by Stephen O'Malley in cooperation with Editions Mego, have a couple of new releases coming this fall.

First up, in November, is SUNN O))) Meets Nurse With Wound - The Iron Soul of Nothing 2LP (SOMA005). This is Nurse With Wound's take on the 00 Void album and it can previously be found on the Japanese CD reissue of said album which was released by Daymare Recordings in 2008.

Next, in December there's Eyvind Kang - With Visible Breath (I Am Walking) LP (SOMA004).

The two previous releases on the label are still available for purchace; Phurpa - Trowo Phurnag Ceremony 2LP (SOMA001) and Jessika Kenney & Eyvind Kang - Aestuarium LP (SOMA002).

Editions Mego


The Roadburn crew just keep on giving. It is now confirmed that The Obsessed will reunite for the 2012 festival. Now how awesome is that? It will be the line-up from the last album they did, "The Church Within"; Scott “Wino” Weinrich on guitar/vocals, Greg Rogers (Goatsnake, Sonic Medusa) on drums and Guy Pinhas (Acid King, Goatsnake and Beaver) on bass.


There is no debating the impact that Wino has had (and continues to have) on the stoner scene, and The Obsessed is the band with which he developed his signature doom song writing and guitar sound. Formed in Maryland in 1976 as Warhorse, they soon changed their name to The Obsessed. The original four man line-up was pared down to a power trio and they spent several years playing shows and honing their sound, culminating in the release of the Sodden Jackal 7" in1983.

The band then went on hiatus as Wino joined Saint Vitus for a few years in the late ’80s. They reformed in 1990 with Wino joined by a rhythm section of Greg Rogers and Scott Reeder. The new line-up released Lunar Womb before Reeder left to join Kyuss. At that point Guy Pinhas joined as the bass player and the band was signed to Columbia Records and went on to release The Church Within.

The Church Within was Wino’s most critically hailed album. Despite being co-released by Hellhound Records and the major label Columbia Records, the music-buying masses were not ready to embrace doom in 1994 and instead fixated on buying records by rehashed pop-punk bands. Several factors led to The Church Within becoming The Obsessed‘s last full-length album. Despite not becoming a top-seller, the album remains hugely influential.

Wino has appeared at Roadburn in a number of guises, including: Saint Vitus, Shrinebuilder, Spirit Caravan, The Hidden Hand, and his eponymous band, Wino. His distinctive style of guitar playing and his seemingly endless supply of great riffs has earned him a place on the Mount Rushmore of stoner rock, and now we at Roadburn are thrilled to give you the opportunity to experience the band that started the legend.

September 14, 2011


American Black Metal act Wolves in the Throne Room will head out for a tour of Europe in October/November. All the dates can be found here. Support act will be fellow American Doomsters Wolvserpent.

When I found out that there's a Stockholm date in the bunch, and at the Fylkingen venue I almost lost it. Maybe an overstatement, but still. It will be awesome to see the band at that place since it's pretty small and it's going to be a very intimate show. See you there on November 11.


As we reported a few months ago, SUNN O))) will head out for a short EU tour in September/October. SOMA has posted previews of the tour merch on his site, and what more can I say than that they look amazing. They are designed by Stephen O'Malley as well. If you can't make it to the shows, the left overs (if there are any) will be available via day after prints. Also, if you missed out on the "AGHARTHI 09-10" LP+7" release at Roadburn there will be copies available at the shows.


More bands are being confirmed for Roadburn 2012, and this time our favourites Agalloch are among them. Our wish list seems to be the festival organizers check list for the 2012 festival. Also confirmed are Iceland's Sólstafir and UK's own 40 Watt Sun. All three are bands you don't want to miss out on.


Portland, Oregon’s Agalloch will bring their sweeping sonic landscapes conjuring desolate forests, icy waters and fire emerging from fog to Roadburn‘s main stage on Thursday, 12 April. The band’s highly atmospheric touchstones, which are equal parts dark ambient, drone, Nordic folk-infused black metal and dark wave, are as much a cinematic experience as a musical one. Agalloch‘s releases – four full-length albums and several EPs over the last 15 years – are a feast for the ears in the same way that Werner Herzog’s and Alejandro Jodorowsky’s visual imagery is a feast for the eyes. Marrow of the Spirit (2010) is a healing, spiritual journey through the forests of the Pacific Northwest, and one of last year’s most stunning statements in metal.

Iceland’s very own Sólstafir will appear on Friday, 13 April as part of the Roadburn Festival. Having emerged with a sound as dark as the volcanic ash spewed by their homeland’s volcanoes, the band has evolved to excel at blending atmospheric, angst-fueled post rock with their blackened heritage, underpinned by psychedelic phrasing and an eerily, hypnotic groove for a truly mind-expanding experience. Iceland’s endless white landscapes, glowering peaks, empty valleys and shrieking winds can be heard and felt through the band’s moving, sonic elements, too.
Sólstafir have come a long way much in the same way that Enslaved has progressed, albeit somewhat differently, as showcased on Köld (hailed as a true masterpiece) and the forthcoming Svartir Sandar, the emotional equivalent of the stormy North Atlantic.

After calling it quits in 2009, Warning’s Patrick Walker returns with his new band 40 Watt Sun and we are really pleased to welcome the band for a one-off show on Saturday, 14 April. 40 Watt Sun‘s stunning debut album, The Inside Room, ranks among the very best Roadburn-related albums of 2011, and offers Walker’s distinctive melancholic voice a more prominent role. His soaring and somber pipes bless the album’s burning tracks. 40 Watt Sun‘s emotionally charged, slowcore hybrid of Jesu meets a harder edged Red House Painters put the band in a class of its own.

September 13, 2011


Legendary doom act diSEMBOWELMENT, now known as d.USK will make their first ever European performance at Roadburn 2012. And, hold on to your horses, they will perform the classic album "Transcendence into the Peripheral" in its entirety.


Commented guitarist Matthew Skarajew, “We feel that presenting “Trancendence into the Peripheral” in its entirety is a very unique opportunity and that Roadburn will be the perfect vehicle to realize it. I expect it will be the one and only time that it will ever happen!”

Says drummer Paul Mazziotta, “Although we cannot give the fans 100% of the original lineup, Matt and I have put together a band we are very proud of, and is committed to delivering the classic material with pure integrity, energy, passion.”

Timeless, classic, and immeasurably influential, Transcendence into the Peripheral remains a groundbreaking work that typifies the Roadburn Festival’s love of the powerful and ambitious. d.USK is pleased to present this celebrated body of work to Roadburn’s mainstage on Thusday, 12 April, 2012 at the 013 venue, Tilburg, Holland.

It was also recently announced that Oakland's Saviours will perform at the festival. They recently released their latest album, "Death’s Procession" via Kemado Records. There's a live show you do not want to miss. Saviours will perform on Saturday, April 14.