November 19, 2010


Finally the first batch of bands for the Sunn O))) curated day at Roadburn 2011 are here, and it was worth the wait. We get the Southern Lord related bands, like the mighty Earth, The Secret and Atilla Csihar's Void Ov Voices. The biggest thrill though is the legendary Winter! There's been rumours floating around for quite some time that they would play, and now it's finally confirmed. We'll also get to see Scorn, Beaver, Menace Ruine, Aluk Todolo and Hooded Menace.

As previously announced, Sunn O))) themselves will also perform, and there's more bands to be confirmed.

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As curator, Sunn O))) (Greg Anderson and Stephen O’Malley) are personally selecting the bands that will play during their special event, as well as performing a headlining show. Sunn O))) is Roadburn’s fourth curator, following David Tibet in 2008, Neurosis in 2009 and Triptykon’s Tom Gabriel Warrior at this year’s festival in April.

Sunn O))) comments: Sunn O))) is honoured to present the first part of our guests for the curated day at Roadburn, April 15th 2011. They represent a broad range of bands we are fans of, and in many cases some of our closest friends and collaborators. We hope you appreciate the selection, and look forward to announcing more of our selection and allies… we will follow up soon with some words on each band specifically, so watch this space.”


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Some bands like to present the fa├žade that they are evil because it  makes them seem more exciting, more counter-culture, more metal. Today is the Day mastermind Steve Austin has no such need. Despite
traversing a wide musical territory (much of it not easily describable as metal) over the course of 19 years and 8 full length albums, Today is the Day stands as one of the most truly evil, misanthropic and disturbing bands of our time.

Today is the Day make “cerebral” metal bands like Tool and Mastodon seem like knuckle-dragging mouth breathers with shear scope of their musical vocabulary and their relentless exploration of the weirdest, bleakest, darkest corners of  the metal universe. The Today is the Day catalog includes at least three masterpieces,  Temple of the Morning Star,  Today is the Day, and  Willpower which run a dizzying gamut of musical styles from Slint-ish indie-rock to experimental soundscapes to kraut-metal and do  it all in a way that seems completely logical and consistent even if  it is infused with evil purpose and darkest intent. One of the most consistently challenging and interesting bands of our time and someone  that we are truly overjoyed to welcome to the Roadburn line-up.

November 15, 2010


Album. Tee Pee 2009
"Wyllt" is the debut album from this American act fronted by bassist/vocalist Sera Timms and produced by one time bassist of Kyuss and The Obsessed, Scott Reeder. We're talking post rock here I guess, but before you start yawning and complaining about yet another band trying to be Pelican, here me out for a minute. Sure, the resemblance is there, but Sera's vocals add another layer to the outcome. She sounds like a mix between Jarboe, Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins, Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance, and throw in a bit of Nico as well. If these four ladies could have a child, maybe they can, I’m no scientist, her name would be Sera Timms.
The music then? I mentioned Pelican, maybe a bit hastily, on the other hand I was only trying to figure out what you were thinking. Black Math Horseman is a lot doomier and mellower than said band, sometimes too mellow though. Towards the end of the rather short album, just when I'm starting to think; "oh come on, do something", they do something. In the middle of the eleven minute closing track "Bird Of All Faiths And None\Bell From Madrone" it sounds as if the roof fell in and the band reach a potential I wish to hear more off. Hopefully on the next album.
And to the gear heads out there; yes, guitarist Ian Barry is the same Ian Barry as the custom motorcycle builder. Now you know.


Yet another band that had to cancel Roadburn 2010 due to the much talked about volcano has been confirmed for the 2011 fest. Black Math Horseman is a very welcomed addition to the line-up. Now, I'm basically only missing Jesu. On the other hand, we get Godflesh, and maybe Justin doesn't wanna be all over the place.

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As you all may have noticed, the line-up for Roadburn Festival 2011 has been shaping up nicely.  In addition to the bands previously announced, we are very happy to report that Black Math Horseman will be part of the 2011 festival line-up. Originally scheduled to perform at this years Roadburn Festival in April 2010, Black Math Horseman ended up stuck in LA due to logistic complications arising from the volcanic eruption in Iceland.  Black Math Horseman is now scheduled to play on Saturday, April 16 at the 013 venue, Tilburg, Holland.

LA’s Black Math Horseman live somewhere between the psychedelic world of 70's stoner and contemporary shoegazers which they adorn with touches of goth and post rock to create their mind altering sound.