May 11, 2011


The legendary "Swaddling Songs" album from Irish acid folk band Mellow Candle will be reissued on vinyl on June 27. And which label is more fitting than Rise Above Relics to handle this, as they did a fantastic job on Comus "First Utterance".

The reissue will be a pretty massive release, with two LP's and two 7" singles. The first LP is of course the "Swaddling Songs" album, and the second is a compilation of demo tracks, including some unreleased ones, from the 60's and early 70's. The two singles are replicas of the bands 1968 and 1972 7" singles; "Feeling High" and "Dan the Wing", where the latter comes in a rare promo sleeve.

As if all this wasn't enough, you also get a booklet with lots of rare photos and such. The release is of course 100% official and is an analogue transfer from the original tapes.

Swaddling Songs original 1972 LP
Side One
1. Heaven Heath
2. Sheep Season
3. Silversong
4. The Poet & The Witch
5. Messenger Birds
6. Dan The Wing
Side Two
7. Reverend Sisters
8. Break Your Token
9. Buy or Beware
10. Vile Excesses
11. Lonely Man
12. Boulders on My Grave

Bonus LP Demos 60s/early 70s
Side One
1. Dan The Wing (demo)
2. Waterman Weatherman (demo)
3. Buy or Beware (demo)
4. Heaven Heath (demo)
5. Sheep Season (demo)
6. Break Your Token (demo)
7. Lonely Man (demo)
Side Two
8. Silver Song (demo)
9. Poet & The Witch (demo)
10. Boulders on my Grave (demo)
11. Crabtree (unreleased demo)
12. Pretty Polly (unreleased demo)
13. Faustus (unreleased demo)
14. Mobile Line (unreleased)

Bonus 7" (1968)
1. Feeling High
2. Tea With The Sun

Bonus 7" (1972)
1. Dan the Wing
2. Silversong