November 11, 2010


The Roadburn bookings just keep on coming, and the Afterburner event is shaping up nicely. Both Blood Farmers and Black Pyramid are now confirmed for the event.

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With just one official record, the Blood Farmers established themselves as America’s pre-eminent horror doom act. Released way back in 1995 on the legendary doom label Hellhound, their eponymous record became an underground legend and kept their name alive for years until they  reformed a few years ago.

Their brand of muscular-vocalized classic heavy doom is equal parts New York swagger, supercharged Sabbath riffage, dark and smoky atmosphere combined with a penchant for horror themes (the band is named after a 1972 horror movie Invasion of the Blood Farmers). This is a combination that proved irresistible to doom-heads everywhere. Their record became a touchstone of U.S. doom legend right up there with the Obsessed and Saint Vitus, at least among the hardcore followers of the genre. In 2010, they will be gracing the Roadburn stage in one of the most long awaited shows in memory.

Black Pyramid play psychedelic doom metal, with the thick, down-tuned tones of their amplifier worshipping stoner metal contemporaries, but the epic arrangements and classic song writing of vintage doom acts.  The band juxtaposes crushing, triumphant riffs that ring like battle cries with  keen instincts for melody and dynamics that showcase their more introspective nature.

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