November 11, 2010


Oh no, we're stopping there. Dead Meadow, Dragontears and Gomer Pyle have all been confirmed for the Afterburner event.

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LA’s Dead Meadow generates a unique brand of earthy, heavy psych that moves far beyond any generic Sabbath-riffage or stonerrock gimmickry. The most fragrant ingredients of Dead Meadow are the band’s meandering, grooved-out riff- heavy journeys, and the ability to fuse  their obvious appreciation of 60’s psychedelia, vintage hard-rock, blues-folk tunes, ambient space-rock with the the literary excesses of  H.P. Lovecraft or J.R.R. Tolkien, and all at considerable volume! Distant, high pitched vocals evoke a deliriously eerie atmosphere that  plays off well against the band’s smouldering jamming style.

Dragontears, revolving around Lorenzo Woodrose and members of Baby Woodrose and On Trial rarely perform live, and besides a few shows in their homeland, the band’s only performance outside of Denmark took place at Roadburn 2009. Dragontears has a penchant for mining the psychedelic sounds of the late ’60s (think the 13th Floor Elevators meets Syd Barrett or The Silver Apples meets MC5), as showcased on much acclaimed albums like 2000 Micrograms From Home and Tambourine Freak Machine.

Needless to say that we’re really excited about Dragontears performing a second show at Roadburn 2011, throwing the afterburner attendees into a vortex of fuzz fueled riffs, and bubbly wah-wah guitars, all manipulated to take us into a hypnotic journey through the centre of the mind. Or as the band puts it on their latest album — Turn On, Tune In, Fuck Off!!

Holland’s Gomer Pyle have caused quite a stir with their latest album, Idiots Savants and stunning live performances. Featuring former 35007 drummer Sander Evers, and firmly rooted in Grunge and Stoner, the band tends also to veer off into heavy rocking jamming psychedelia and full blown 35007 Krautrock territory.  Deep space liquid trip guitars and killer riffs lead the way as they travel roads paved by acid drenched rock and old time psych. Things get rhythmically cosmic, keeping a nice rolling groove going as the dual, heavy fuzz guitars and drums explore the cosmos in a high intensity workout.

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