November 11, 2010

YOB The Great Cessation

Album. Profound Lore 2009
Things were looking bleak for Mike Scheidt. I mean, imagine breaking up a band and wanting to start fresh with a new act. An act that were very promising and their only album showed extreme potential. Then imagine some mediocre band filing a lawsuit over name similarities. I'm of course talking about Middian and their debut album "Age Eternal" (Metal Blade). Life is really shitty sometimes. This time though, it all has a happy ending and Scheidt has the last laugh. He reforms Yob and they release "The Great Cessation", probably their best album.
When the first track, "Burning the Altar" begins I think I'm in for some black metal in the vein of Wolves in the Throne Room. But things turn for another direction and I'm hit with very, very heavy doom metal. Twist and turns seems to be the key here. Yob can go from sounding what I imagine Sir Lord Baltimore would sound like if they would have released their debut album in the 21st century, to an early incarnation of the Melvins. And that's just within one song.
The album clocks in at about an hour, and within that time we are given five epic tracks, which works together very well. Even though I said that the music takes many different directions it still follows a red line, so it's not like you think "where are they going with this?" Mike Scheidt's vocals have to get a mention as well, since he sounds better than ever. This is proven in "The Lie That is Sin" which is the strongest track on the album. Hopefully Yob doesn't call it quits again. We need them to hold the flag high in this doomed world.

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