November 8, 2010


One of my favourite classic rock bands, Stone Axe, will finally play the Roadburn Festival. How I've waited. The band are also planning a few shows in the UK the week before the festival, making Roadburn their grand finale. Here's what has to say:

Born in 2007 in Port Orchard, Washington, at the hands of multi-instrumentalist T. Dallas Reed (of Mos Generator-fame), Stone Axe channel classic rock. Think of Free, think of Thin Lizzy, the glory days of the heavy 70s. The earliest days of Foghat and AC/DC.  Guitarist Reed and singer singer Dru Brinkerhoff take a page of the aformentioned greats playbook and lay down some classic heavy blues riffs and swaggering vocals -nothing fancy, but completely in the pocket and passionately strutting along, showcasing how well they are dialed into that early ’70's rock aesthetic.

In their short tenure  together, Stone Axe have banged out two eponymously titled full-lengths and more splits, singles and EPs than you can keep up with, through labels like their own Music Abuse Records, Roadburn Records, Ripple Music, Hydro-Phonic and RxEvolution Recordings. Reed handles  the recording himself and is always writing, so don’t expect them to  slow down, either.

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