November 13, 2010


A second trailer for the upcoming movie Slow Southern Steel has been posted online. We've been waiting a long time for this documentary to be released, and now it seems as it's finally coming together. The goal is that the editing will be done by January 2011 to have it ready for the summer film festivals etc. In case you've missed the background, Slow Southern Steel is a documentary directed by CT of Rwake, about southern metal. We get bands like Weedeater, Eyehategod, Torche, Kylesa, Zoroaster and many more. CT has this to say about the film:

"The film is about underground heavy bands south of the Mason Dixon. It will have intense live performances from some of the crustiest, doomiest, and most progressive of heavy bands from the south. As will include interviews from the dirtiest and smelliest musicians, promoters, and fans from this genre about living and growing up in the bible belt, and other beautiful shit hole christian ran towns, as well as drugged out road stories, and other uncouth happenings."

Here's the latest trailer:

And here's the first one in case you missed it:

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