November 9, 2010


Stockholm's very own, Nitad, are heading out for a tour of Europe in December. You can catch them at the dates listed below. Also, don't forget to buy their new 7" single, "Den Gudomliga Världen".

Friday 03 dec, TBA, Copenhagen, Denmark
Saturday 04 dec, TBA, Bremen, Germany
Sunday 05 dec, AZ MÜLHEIM, Mülheim, Germany
Monday 06 dec, OT301, Amsterdam, Holland
Thuesday 07 dec, DE ONDERBROEK, Nijmegen, Holland
Wednesday 08 dec, CCL, Lille, France
Thursday 09 dec, LA MIROITERIE, Paris, France
Friday 10 dec, JUZ MANNHEIM, Mannheim, Germany
Saturday 11 dec, EPPLEHAUS WINTERFEST, Tubingen, Germany
Sunday 12 dec, ARENA/BEISL, Vienna, Austria
Monday 13 dec, ZAPPA CAFE, Budapest, Hungary
Thuesday 14 dec,ROCK CAFE ZVOLEN, Zvolen, Slovakia
Wednesday 15 dec, TEKTURA, Lublin, Poland
Thursday 16 dec, TBA, Wroclaw Poland
Friday 17 dec, KOMA, Berlin, Germany
Saturday 18 dec, TBA, Malmö, Sweden

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